Twin Air NEATV MX207 Round 5 Race Report

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Twin Air dual Stage Filters(6/30/2011) – Round 5 of the NEATV series was held in Lyman, Maine at the MX207 racing facility. The weather leading up to race day prepared the track perfectly. Rain was a concern leading into race day but the day turned out great.

Twin Air rider Dustin Wimmer would have a great day at the starting gate. In Moto 1 of the Pro Class Wimmer would take the hole shot and never look back. He led the Moto start to finish with little competition from his fellow racers. Moto 2 of the Pro Class would start off the same as Moto 1 but class rival and former teammate Josh Creamer would get around Wimmer on the first jump of the track. Wimmer stayed on him the entire Moto but was unable to make the pass. After Moto 2 Wimmer had this to say “This track is really one lined, so it’s really hard to pass out there, I was on him the whole time, but he never made a mistake,” Based on his first Moto win and second place in Moto 2, Wimmer was able to take the overall win in the Pro Class. Josh Creamer would take home second overall with 4-1 Moto finishes. Rounding out the Pro Class podium was Jasmin Plante; he finished the day with a 2-3.

The Pro Am Class starts would look no different than the Pro Class. Twin Air rider Dustin Wimmer once again would take the hole shots. In Moto 1 he would use that hole shot to stay out front and take home the win. Can Am rider Josh Creamer would follow him across the line for second with defending class champion Cody Miller taking the third spot. Moto 2 started with Wimmer’s fourth consecutive hole shot. Wimmer would be followed through the first turn by Plante and Creamer. Creamer would quickly get by Plante for the second position. Creamer was then able to get by Wimmer after Dustin would get caught up in a berm. Creamer would hold onto the lead and take the second Moto win. He would also take the overall for the day in the Pro Am class by virtue of his 2-1 Moto finishes. Wimmer would take the second step on the podium with a 1-2 and Cody Miller would have a consistent 3-3 to take home third.

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