Troy Lee Designs Review, Airstrike Helmet and CP 5900 Chest Protector

by Butch | Posted on Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Troy Lee Designs produce some of the best looking helmets on the market today. Luckily for us they also provide some of the best protection for the money, while being comfortable as well. The following review is for 2 of their products currently available. The New 2012 AirStrike Silver Air Helmet, and their CP5900 Chest Protector. Read on for the reviews….


Air Helmet Review – Air Strike Silver


New for 2012 is the Air Strike Silver design Air Helmet from Troy Lee Designs. Having owned a prior years History design  of the Air Helmet I knew what to expect from the new model, and even though the Air Helmet line hasn’t changed much for the upcoming year, the phrase “more of the same” is actually a good thing. For 2012 they have introduced a few new designs to the lineup and they range from the subdued Stinger design to the graphically bold VooDoo design. Also some of last years models like the History and Medusa return to round out the Air Helmet lineup.

A few years ago I set out to find the best helmet for my shaped noodle. I spent hours trying on different manufacturers helmets ranging in price from $100 to $600. I was searching for the most comfortable, best fitting helmet for my noggin. Of course DOT and Snell ratings were also important to me. I tried on helmets from all the big name players (also some not so big) and was surprised that some of the high priced helmets on the market were extremely uncomfortable, and also didn’t fit me properly no matter what extra pads or cheek pads were fitted. After hours of test fitting I always came back to the Troy Lee Designs Air Helmet. It might just be the size or shape of my mellon but it was the only helmet that “truly” fit me and was also extremely comfortable.

Having used my History Air Helmet through all 4 seasons here in the north east, I honestly can say that it was (yes was, more on that later) worth every penny I paid for it. It was comfortable in all seasons, lightweight and ultimately great protection for the old skull. I had a few instances where the helmet found its way to the ground and maybe even a rock here or there, and since my head happened to be in it at the those times and I am writing this review, it obviously performed its primary duty….Protection!

Although I survived, the helmet didn’t. It developed a few cracks and since I needed to replace it, I thought why not just go with what I know works well for me. So I contacted Troy Lee Designs and they shipped me out their new Air Strike Silver Air Helmet for this review. Only seeing a few pictures of the helmet on their website, I wasn’t too sure I would like the design since I tend to purchase riding gear with more of a basic, or should I say, not so flashy design, but after receiving it and looking over all the cool graphic elements of the design I really am pleased with the new design. More colorful than any helmet I have ever owned but not so over done that it looks like an explosion on my head. Troy Lee Designs art studios really provide some great artwork for all their helmets and the Air Strike is no exception. When it comes to looks, no one has better looking graphics on their helmets than Troy Lee.

Looks are the least important thing when it comes to choosing a helmet though and Troy Lee Design Air Helmets fortunately offer great protection. The Air Helmets use an aerospace composite shell with carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass reinforcements integrated into the shell’s advanced lay-up. The helmets are SNELL M2000, M2005, US DOT, AU and CE Certified.

Even more impressive is the comfort of the Air Helmet. The Air Helmet utilizes TLD’s Multi Level Internal Ventilation System. This system is made up of 12 intake and 5 exhaust vents. The internal ventilation system allows cool air in and pushes hot air out. The helmet also has a Ultra high-tech moisture absorbing comfort liner with the addition of Dri-Lex and CoolMax fabric for maximum absorption and comfort. All these features allow your head to stay cool even when the temperatures are high.

A few other notable features that come standard are…. a removable/replaceable nose guard, a removable/replaceable mouthpiece and thicker impact absorbing EPS inside of the chin bar liner for added protection and style. I have been wearing Troy Lee Designs Air Helmets for a few years now. They offer extraordinary protection in the event of a crash, are extremely comfortable, lightweight and have the best graphic designs out there. They are a high end helmet with a middle of the road price, and for me they fit better than any other manufacturer’s helmet on the market regardless of cost. The only other helmet on the market today I would even consider purchasing would be the SE3 helmets from TLD since they fit me as well as the Air Helmets do and are even more comfortable. They are priced a bit higher and probably would be overkill unless you are racing GNCC or MX.

Purchasing a new helmet can be tough sometimes due to limited availability at your local retailers. I will never order a helmet online from a manufacturer who I have never dealt with prior. There are too many variables in fitment to blindly order a size thinking it is universal from manufacturer to manufacturer. My suggestion to anyone looking for a helmet is to head to your local dealer and try on as many as you can to find the right size for your head cause even though you may wear a helmet, an improper fitting helmet can lead to injuries also.



Superb Fit and Comfort

Lightweight at Just Under 3 Pounds

Outstanding Ventilation

CoolMax Liner for Comfort

Provides Extraordinary Protection

Cool Artwork

Clean Up of the Shell, Cheek Pads and Liner is Simple



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