Stop Ruining the Riding for the Rest of Us.

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Monday, February 14th, 2011

Every time I read a story about kids and adults riding on private property I shudder.  First off, it’s illegal.  But just as importantly than the legalities of trespassing it puts the rest of us recreational law abiding riders in a negative category drawing an even darker cloud over our fight for more riding areas or the struggle to keep riding areas open.

Here is an excerpt from a story I just read where some ATV riders thought it would be real cool to ride where they had no business riding.

“City of Lakeland Adopts “Zero Tolerance” Policy to Off-Road ATV Damages

According to Lakeland City Manager, Bob Wherry, heavy damage was caused by vandals driving off road on wet city parks and both public and private property recently. Because of this, the City of Lakeland has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy and will take action to collect on damages, file vandalism or trespassing charges as appropriate, and, if a felony will file to seize the vehicle doing the damage. The city is working with the Shelby County Sheriff to strictly enforce laws against motorized vehicles trespassing on city parks, trails and public or private property.”

This article is among many written where riders (I grudgingly classify them as a rider) seem to find there way onto property that they are not supposed to ride on and ruin the chance or at least compromising a chance of getting more riding areas opened where everybody can enjoy the our sport.

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