Sidewinders 4-Wheel Club Raises Funds For BRC

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

LAKE HAVANSU, AZ (November 22, 2011) — Rick Mooneyham, President of the Sidewinders 4-Wheel Club of Lake Havasu, Arizona recently presented BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) Ambassador Del Albright with a $2000 check for BRC to support landuse and access work of the BRC.  This generous donation came from the Sidewinders annual Desert Run Havasu, usually the second weekend of March.  Rick is a noted off-road racer and King of the Hammers driver, as well a great Dad who loves to get out in the backcountry and enjoy motorized recreation.  

Several members of the Sidewinders and Lake Havasu 4Wheelers attended a two hour workshop conducted by Del and Stacie Albright while traveling through the area on the Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT).   The TAP Tour was conceived by Del and Stacie to bring businesses together with customers, on the ground, to gain more awareness on all parts to landuse and access, while figuring out ways to further support organized Recreation.

One night of the TAP Tour, several members of the local clubs and off-road groups from Bullhead City to Havasu to Parker, AZ attended a BLM public meeting about the Travel Management Rule (TMR) and how it affects local trails.  Del took a turn on the mic to ask the new Field Manager for the BLM how she felt about using clubs to help manage public lands, such as through adopt a trails, ride-alongs, and public work days and projects.  The BLM folks present stated they will work with any and all groups to ensure sound management of the public lands and trails.  Del told several club members that “The BlueRibbon Coalition does not accept the excuse from public agencies of ‘we don’t have the staff to do the job,’ when clubs are willing to step up and help manage public lands.”  That is certainly the case in these areas of Arizona – these folks are willing to work to keep their trails open!

The Sidewinders are to be commended for support BRC and the entire cause to keep our sports alive.  

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