QuadLink™ is a Game Changer in Battery Maintenance

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

Specialized_Products_LogoSOUTHLAKE, TX – November 8, 2011 – Specialized Products Company (SPC) today has announced the QuadLink™, a technological breakthrough in battery maintenance products capable of turning a single 6V or 12V battery charger into a workhorse charging up to four lead acid batteries as a single application.

The QuadLink turns any brand 6V or 12V DC battery charger into a 4-station maintenance charger, automatically splitting and distributing all of the charger’s capabilities into 10-minute sequencing charge segments. Depending on the charger’s capability, QuadLink can distribute charges simultaneously to up to four AGM, gel-cell, VRLA inducing or deep cycle for marine, standard automobile and truck and even small motorcycle batteries. The QuadLink works with ANY 6V or 12V battery, regardless of size of CCA rating.

Specialized Products QuadLink

Specialized Products - QuadLink

The four-way switcher is capable of charging the batteries whether they are individually connected or connected as a group in a 24, 36 or 48 volt series.

Retail pricing for the QuadLink is $99.95. The QuadLink™ is currently available for sale online at www.specialized.net and through a network of PulseTech distributors and dealers.

“This product is truly a game changer in that it saves users both time and money,” said Pete Smith, President of SPC and PulseTech® Products Corporation, a company specializing in battery testing, charging and maintenance applications.  ”With the QuadLink there’s no longer a reason to use multiple chargers on vehicles or batteries in storage.  Since most maintenance chargers are in float mode 95% of the time, QuadLink’s unique ability to switch back and forth between batteries allows a single maintenance charger the ability to charge and maintain up to four batteries.  It’s a simple plug and play application with a microprocessor that automatically adapts to the number of batteries actually connected.”

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