Polaris OHV Engineers ride Mi-TRALE trails

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

A group of Engineers from Polaris Industries spent a few days riding with Mi-TRALE members on the club’s Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Trails.  This was a part of Mi-TRALE’s on-going efforts in bringing representatives from the OHV Industry to the Western UP.

The engineers were from Polaris’s OHV Division.  It is Polaris OHV Division that manufactures ATV’s and the ‘side-by-side’ Rangers.  The group of 15 came from Wyoming, and Roseau, Minnesota.  It is Mi-TRALE that has over 400 miles of inter-connecting OHV trails, with the majority of those trails being open to both ‘straddle-seat’ ATV’s and ‘side-by-side’ units.

“When we formed Mi-TRALE in 2001, we immediately made it known that we were going to develop trails for both ATV’s and ‘side-by-sides.’  However none of us ever imagined that the ‘side-by-side’ market would get as big as it is,” commented Mi-TRALE President Skip Schulz.

The group based the ride out of Rockland.  They rode the C, BN, and P Trails.

“This gave us a good ‘variety’ of trail riding conditions, and that is not only what our engineers wanted, this is what OHV riders want,” commented Aaron Nysse of Polaris.

Cindy and Darrell Grams of Peppermill Lodging in Rockland took the group to many different scenic ‘look-outs.’  The ride took part in the latter stages of this Fall’s color-season.  The ride also included stops at different business’s, which is why Mi-TRALE invests a lot of money and time in bringing OHV riding groups to the Western UP.

“It’s not only important to build, develop, maintain, and sign our hundreds of miles of trails, it is also a major part of Mi-TRALE’s activities in marketing, promoting, and bringing groups to the Western UP,” stated Schulz.  “The Polaris group alone invested over a thousand dollars into our local economy.  This is just one of many groups Mi-TRALE has brought to the Western UP,” commented Schulz.

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