Parker 4-Wheelers Give Generous Contribution To Protect Recreational Access

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

PARKER, AZ (November 22, 2011) — Harley Kruidhog, the Parker 4 Wheelers President, recently handed BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) Ambassador Del Albright a generous donation check of $1000 from the Parker 4Wheelers to help the fight to keep trails open in Arizona and other areas. Harley is President of the Parker 4Wheelers who annually host the event, Desert Splash, a family oriented off-roading event held alongside the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona.  Desert Splash has rides from mild to moderate to wooly.  And it’s all done in the spirit of fun and keeping trails open.

Usually held in the middle of November when the weather is really nice in southern AZ, Desert Splash is a ton of fun and fits right into the Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT) of Del and Stacie Albright.   Businesses like Nemesis Industries, TT Customs, and Daystar tagged along on the Tour and provided a ton of fun in Parker around campfires, as the conversations always led to how we all need to work together more to keep trails open.

Rick Pewe, editor of Petersen’s 4-Wheel Off-Road, accompanied the TAP Tour from start to finish and blogged his way across the desert in support of the clubs working with Del and Stacie to do more for the cause of saving trails. Denis Snow, editor of Off Road Adventures Magazine also blogged and supported the TAP Tour to help keep the sport alive and the trails open.

Trail runs had names like Deliverance, The Duke, and Rio Lobo. Does that sound like a John Wayne movie? You bet. The Parker folks are patriots and love their backcountry. The event also included an articulation ramp, car crush right in the RV park/event headquarters, and an incredible dinner hosted by the Havasu Springs Resort (whose owner is also a wheeler). 

Del and Stacie send a special thanks to Bob Longo and his shop helper, Mike Stark (both members of the Parker 4Wheelers) for saving the day and helping fix a leak in the Jeep rear end (Ford 9).  Another big thanks goes to the club Secretary, Shane Miller who was instrumental in helping to plan the TAP Tour in the Parker area.

More about Shane and the efforts to save access in the Havasu and Parker areas:

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