Mi-TRALE Gets Grant From Yamaha

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Friday, October 21st, 2011

It was at Mi-TRALE’s 10th Anniversary Dinner at Twilly’s in Bruce Crossing that the organization heard that they have received a $10,000 Yamaha OHV Access Initiative grant. The GRANT was awarded as part of Yamaha’s OHV access Initiative promoting safe, responsible riding and open, sustainable riding areas.  The grant is going to provide Mi-TRALE with the funds to produce and print an extensive Western Upper Peninsula OHV Trail Map.  The grant also helps the club in purchasing and erecting signs to the trails and routes on the map.
“With this grant from Yamaha, Mi-TRALE will also be able to raise funds to help with trail maintenance and developing new trails,” stated Mi-TRALE President Skip Schulz.

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Some of the participants that rode all the required trails to get the 2011 Mi-TRALE CP2R Award. This group is from Lower Michigan; they traveled over 500 miles one way to ride the trails and to get the award.

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