Grizzly 450 Lift Kit Install and Review Pt. 1

by Butch | Posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Our friends at decide to increase ground clearance on their Yamaha Grizzly with a lift kit from Xtreme Products.

Xtreme Products 2″ Lift Kit Install

Grizzly 450

I received my 2″ lift kit from Xtreme Products Xtreme Products the Leader in ATV Suspension on Friday and had a few hours last night to install it and take some pics. Installation was fairly simple with the exception of compressing the 2 front shocks. Install time for 1 person shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. This write up will walk you through the basic procedure of installation on a Grizzly 450.

I will post up before and after measurements at the end of this article. Keep in mind I have Elka shocks so your measurements may be different.

Tools required for lift kit = 17mm wrench or socket, 15mm wrench or socket, spring compressor or pry bar.
Tools required for everything else listed in this article = 14mm wrench or socket (old shock bolts), 10mm socket, 3/4 ” wrench and 19mm wrench (ASR tie rod ends) 17mm socket for lug nuts, 6 pack of your favorite beer and 6 Marlboro Red cigarettes (if you drink and smoke)

Let’s get started….

Upon opening the box you will see your parts, installation instructions and some packing paper to protect the parts during transit.

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