ATVAIR: Fill Flat Tires From Your Exhaust Pipe

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

A flat or low tire on your ATV can be a hassle, particularly when you aren’t anywhere near an air compressor. ATVAIR uses the compression from your engine to provide up to 30PSI of air to fill any size tire. ATVAIR features a stainless and brass locking tire chuck, 8’ hose and specially designed tapered hi temp rubber collector that fits almost all exhaust pipes.  Simply put your ATV in neutral, and put on the brake. Connect the locking ATVAIR Stainless and Brass filler valve to the tire valve stem and gently insert the rubber cone into the muffler, allowing some exhaust to escape. Give it a little throttle and in a minute or two, your tire is full! It’s that easy. Also available for UTV’s with a 12’ hose.  No more walking out.  contact

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