Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) to get $1.5 million for OHV Developement

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Thursday, December 29th, 2011

The Northumberland County Commissioners are proud to announce the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area project has come one step closer to a formal opening. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 2011 Community Conservation Partnerships Program grant awarded the Commissioners $1,500,000 for further development of the approximately 6,500 acre Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area.

The AOAA is located in the townships of Coal, Mt. Carmel, Zerbe, East and West Cameron.  This grant will fund construction of motorized and non-motorized recreation including 200 miles of trails, trailhead amenities, parking, utilities, ADA access, security, landscaping and project signage.  This grant brings the project capitalization to $3,000,000 in grants, private capital, and in-kind contributions by the County and individuals working on behalf of the County.

The Adventure Area was conceived to bring fresh money into the Lower Anthracite Region.  The facility will serve as an economic engine to increase the revenue of local privately owned businesses. The Lower Anthracite Region has historically suffered from lack of private business employment, lack of business capital and business customers, and a diminishing real estate tax base.  This decline began in the mid 1960’s with the demise of the anthracite coal industry.

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