2012 KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE® 750 4X4i – Upgraded ATV Features More Powerful V-twin, Alloy Wheels and Enhanced Styling

by Off-Road Hub Mag | Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Kawasaki Motor Corp.

Upgraded ATV Features More Powerful V-twin, Alloy Wheels and Enhanced Styling

2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPSThe Brute Force® 750 4x4i ATV received a comprehensive round of upgrades for the 2012 model year, with significant new features like a more-powerful V-twin engine, new double-wishbone front suspension, six-spoke cast alloy wheels, new bodywork featuring wide-stance styling cues. Like always, dual-range four-wheel drive and a highly maneuverable chassis provide amazing traction, handling and utility.

Thanks to revised tuning, a new cylinder head and increased compression ratio, the 2012 Brute Force 750 4x4i’s upgraded four-stroke fuel injected 90-degree 749cc V-twin engine offers more power than ever, with enhanced low-rpm performance. The twin cylinders are fed via 36mm throttle bodies that are controlled by a 32-bit CPU. The system monitors coolant temperature, air intake temperature, air intake pressure, throttle position, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle to deliver the optimum fuel mixture. Instantaneous fuel delivery and crisp engine response help make the eight-valve engine a hit with sport riders. Despite the big power from the engine, a light feel at the throttle lever helps reduce rider fatigue. This is achieved by using a low spring rate for the throttle return springs and ball bearings in the throttle bodies.

2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS A new larger radiator is placed high in the chassis for optimum protection against mud and debris, while a new larger radiator fan and larger-diameter cooling hoses and pipes help maximize cooling performance. A self-repairing circuit breaker and dedicated fuse for the new fan also help keep things cool when the going gets tough.

For 2012, the entire steering assembly was repositioned so the bottom of the steering shaft no longer connects directly to the front differential housing. Movement of the differential due to throttle inputs in 4×4 mode no longer affect the steering assembly, this isolation provides significantly smoother handling.

An upgraded fully automatic, dual-range continuously variable transmission (CVT) is mated to the powerful V-twin engine.  A new high gear ratio and a thicker belt made of stronger material contributes to longer CVT belt life and reduced maintenance requirements. Revised converter weight and drive spring tuning offers improved acceleration characteristics and increased control during low-speed operation and a new layout and revised placement of the CVT air duct is more effective at helping prevent the intrusion of water and mud.

2012 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4i EPS in Aztec RedTwo- or four-wheel drive operation is selectable by simply pressing a button on the handlebar. In four-wheel drive mode, the Brute Force ATV utilizes the limited-slip front differential to help maintain steering response and ease steering effort at the bars. The rider can manage the amount of power to both front wheels with Kawasaki’s Variable Front Differential Control by using a small control lever on the left handlebar. It’s a definite advantage when traversing deep mud, slippery uphill trails or large logs or rocks.

The front drive shafts of the 750 4x4i feature Cardan joints. Similar to U-joints, Cardan joints help absorb torque fluctuations to the drive shaft, and the lightweight design helps to reduce vibration. The small and compact rear final gear case and sealed rear braking system are extremely rugged and efficient.

New six-spoke cast aluminum wheels replace the previous pressed steel units and make a significant styling contribution, while offering a more premium image and enhanced credibility on the trail. Mounted with aggressive tires, the premium wheels help give the Brute Force its 9.4 inches of ground clearance and transfer the awesome power of the V-twin engine to the ground.

Electric Power Steering Front HoodCompletely sealed, the rear braking system’s components are protected from mud, dust and debris. Its compact size also provides more ground clearance than a conventional rear disc brake system. The sealed rear brake and dual front discs bring the Brute Force 750 4x4i to a quick halt. Enhancing the highly effective braking is the Kawasaki Engine Brake Control, which helps slow the ATV when going downhill.

The 2012 Brute Force 750 4x4i features a new stronger double-cradle tubular steel frame featuring reinforcements at key areas like the front A-arm mounts, rear stabilizer mounts, engine mounts, footrest mounts, etc., resulting in improved rough terrain handling and enhanced durability. The frame’s improved ability to absorb shocks when sport riding on rough terrain boosts ride comfort and makes it easier to maintain a higher average speed in a wider range of conditions.

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